Sunday, 2 February 2014

We did it!

I am writing this blog on Sunday morning, February 2.  We started laying the floor in Carlyle Memorial Hall yesterday at a about 9:00 AM.  We started with about 6 people, and before very long a team of 12 had assembled.  One person had to leave at lunch time. but another came, so we had 12 all day.

This was the end of the first strip of flooring that we had started on Friday. 



The above two photos show the flooring progressing, and the process of spreading the glue

The above photo shows more progress.

This photo shows the ceremonial laying of the last piece of the flooring at just before 5:00 PM.  There are 11 people in this photo.  I took the picture and one of the team had to leave at lunch. 
 Enormous thanks to everyone who contributed to this floor.  

There is more work to be done on the bar, trim and finishing, but this was a huge step.  
The photo below shows all the flooring installed.  


Yippee, the new floor is in!!


  1. This looks great - can't wait to come scuff it up with a bit of dancing! :)