Thursday, 23 January 2014

Laying plywood on the hall floor

I am adding more photos to my blog to show how the work on The Carlyle Memorial Hall floor has progressed.

Again, not my greatest photographic effort, but you can see that the 3/4 inch, tongue and groove plywood is being laid at the west end of the hall.  As you can see there is a lot of physical labour involved.  


This photo shows the plywood past the bar opening, note the neatly cut concrete exposed on the end of the bar opening.  Each sheet of plywood was glued down using PL400 floor glue and approximately 60 - 3 inch screws securing the plywood to the 3/4 inch hardwood and the 3/4 inch shiplap below it.  The screws were long enough to actually reach the joists below the shiplap, and every effort was made the sink the screws into each joist as well.  


This photo shows work being done to carefully fit the plywood's tongue and grooves together.  


This photo shows careful adjustment of plywood using a sledgehammer.  No, all the sledgehammer work was not done by women.  We all took our turn on the sledgehammer.  The bigger the guy, the more sledgehammer work.  


This photo shows the progress on January 17.  It actually took 4 days to install all the plywood.  We started on January 15, took the weekend off and completed all the plywood installation on January 20
More photos to follow.  

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  1. Try carrying 1/2" plywood up to the second floor of a house and see how much physical labour is involved!! haha But this is looking really great! I had no idea there was a blog - I am now going to be your most avid follower :)