Thursday, 23 January 2014

Plywood installed and the new floor in the bar at Carlyle Memorial Hall

In my previous post I mentioned that we finished installing the plywood on the floor on January 20.  The photo below shows what the hall floor looked like once the plywood was all installed.


This photo shows the final piece being fitted, the hatch covering the sump hole.  
Although most of the crew took the weekend off,  one of our group, the most experienced tradesman worked to complete the tiling of the bar floor. 


This shows the tiling of the bar floor, but the grouting had not been completed at this point.  Further photos will show the finished product.  


All of the plywood has been installed (23 tubes of PL400 floor glue, 78 sheets of 3/4 inch tongue and groove plywood, just short of 5000 - 3 inch screws), joints had been sanded, and floor levelling compound installed.  
Sanding of the floor is to follow, as will installation of the flooring and the new bar.  More photos will be posted as the project progresses
This project has gotten this far with the diligent work of a small group of dedicated volunteers who have expended untold hours over the last 3 weeks.  
We are now pretty much up to date, however, as things change I will post more.  


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